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Many people have Oriental rugs of significant value, yet have no idea that the living room rug they walk across each day is actually a valuable piece of artwork. A quality rug that is properly cared for can actually increase in value over time. An Oriental rug is an investment that should you decide to sell, may garner a significant amount of money.

Amir's Rug Gallery has many years experience appraising the value and unique quality of Oriental rugs. Because we deal with rugs on a daily basis we can help you determine the true current value of any Oriental rug you may have. The value of an Oriental rug is determined by the age, design, origin, coloration, size, condition and current market conditions driven the demand for certain types of rugs.

Have your Oriental rug appraised in one of three ways:

* Bring your rug into our store, verbal appraisal.
* Bring your rug into our store to have us prepare a written proposal.
* Send us an email (info@amirsruggallery.com) providing detailed information and a picture of your your rug.

As a reputable rug dealer with one of the largest collections of rugs in North America, Mondart guarantees an encyclopedic level of knowledge. Simply put, we know about rugs. Our staff can help accurately identify your rug and certify its age and authenticity, helping you determine the style, origin, date of manufacture and material of your inheritance. If you canít make it to our store, however, you can certainly bring it to any other reputable rug dealer in your area. Theyíll also be able to help you, since they have to in order to be able to sell their products.

But before you haul your rug to us a dealer, call ahead of time to confirm availability of their experts. You may need to schedule an appointment. Our experts are always available to speak with you at Mondart, but we always like to make sure we can reserve a block of time just for you.

If you think your Persian Rug is over 100 years old, you can also try an antique shop dealer who specializes in handicrafts from countries with a rich rug weaving history, such as Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, India or even Tibet. Of course if you know itís Persian, try one that sells wares exclusively from Iran. Again, call ahead of time to confirm availability and whether they have sufficient knowledge of rugs.
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